WAM delivers the expertise to handle all of your direct mail needs no matter how large or how small they are! We stay on top of the ever-changing regulations of the USPS to target the maximum deliverability at the lowest postage rates. This, coupled with advanced technology equipment, allows us to provide fast and efficient service. With our in-house postal employees processing your mail, you can expect the best service and avoid delays in delivery.


Want to acquire targeted mailing lists? Save on postage? Develop a frequent shopper loyalty program? Send new product samples? Integrate direct mail with your other advertising? Control branding in a franchise system?

This incredibly varied list of direct mail needs can all be satisfied by WAM. We can help you look at every angle when you are planning a direct mail promotion and thereby maximize effectiveness and cost-efficiencies.

You'll benefit from our knowledge of:

• Consumer behavior
• Purchase trends
• Household targeting
• Format size and design
• New product sampling
• Successful programs

Direct mail can complement your other advertising plans and hit additional objectives or additional households that you may be missing. WAM works as a strategic marketing partner and can help develop an integrated solution for you. To learn more, contact us. 


Want your mail printed, presorted and delivered on time? List cleansed to avoid duplicated addresses? Creative changes made? Variable offers/messages printed correctly? 

Make sure your direct mail plans are carried out and executed flawlessly. Continue to keep the project in-house with WAM, and we'll handle everything. Whether you're mailing a postcard, a packaged sample, a customized frequent shopper reward, or a complete direct mail campaign, we've got you covered.

You'll enjoy working with us because we make production easy. We prepare your direct mail pieces according to postal regulations. Plus, we presort the mail and, where applicable, drop ship it, saving you money. To learn more, contact us