WAM begins with good, clean data! We offer USPS approved CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certification, NCOA (National Change of Address) processing, mailing lists and data management.

Streamline and save with these data and mail management services, which can help you:

• Reduce postage costs
• Eliminate duplicated mailings to the same household
• Gain better control over your in-home dates

Our data specialists will CASS-certify, merge-purge and presort your mailing, helping you achieve postal economies. In addition, the WAM team can prepare your mailing according to specific postal regulations, and then drop-ship your mail to points all over the country to further reduce postage costs and to give you better control over your in-home dates. To learn more, contact us.

CASS Certification - Evaluates address-matching software and improves the quality of ZIP+4®, CRIS, and five-digit coding accuracy.

NCOA processing:

• Minimizes your number of undeliverable
• Standardizes address information and updates your files with correct Zip+4
• Reduces the cost of requesting address corrections from the USPS
• Eliminates the printing of mail that never would have reached your target
• Allows you to drop records or follow moves of an individual or business


RESIDENTIAL/OCCUPANT: This database is compiled by the USPS records and includes every street address, post office box and rural route address in the nation.

CONSUMER DIRECT: A multi-sourced consumer information database. It contains information on nearly 110 million households and 220 million individuals. ConsumerVision is the most comprehensive database on the market. There are over 500 demographic and lifestyle characteristics on the file. Available selects include estimated income, home value, estimated age, marital status, special interests, mail order buying characteristics…and many more.

BUSINESS DIRECT: This database is compiled from a variety of public information sources, including Directory Assistance and Secretary of State Filings. Over 14 million business records are available. Selects include SIC Codes, Sales Volume, Number of Employees, Contact Names...and more.

MORTGAGE SELECT: A compiled mortgage information file. Our Mortgage File is a combination of public deed transactions gathered from County Recorder offices. This database can be utilized for new homeowner offers, prospecting for PMI insurance users, refinancing prospects and mortgage lead generation. There are over 40 unique selects (interest rates, sale price, mortgage type and more). A combination of public deed transactions are gathered from County Recorder offices.

LIVESTYLE RESPONSE: Lifestyle Survey Responders – the largest and most comprehensive database of self-reported consumer information in the direct marketing industry. More than 500 response segments cover all aspects of how consumers live, what they spend their money on and what interests they possess. This file is compiled from responses to consumer surveys and product registration cards. Interests include Online, Travel, Health, Charity, Sports, Money, Technology, Music, Mail Order, Pets, Hobbies and more...