Happy Valentine's Day

Around Valentine’s Day, the world focuses on love. People take time to show appreciation and affection to the special individuals in their life. Here at WAM Print|Mail|Fulfillment, we LOVE you, our customer! You are very important to us. And we appreciate you partnering with us for your print and mailing needs.

And now it’s your turn. When is the last time you told your customers or supporters you loved them? We all want to feel appreciated, including those who partner with you. So reach out to the individuals who are important to you. After all, you can’t do what you do without them . . . and we can’t do what we do without YOU!

The WAM Print|Mail|Fulfillment family lost a dear, sweet member on February 1 when Kimberly Sue DeBoer went into the arms of Jesus. Kim worked at WAM for over 20 years. During that time she held many positions. But her favorite department was Fulfillment. She took great pride in the fact that the materials she sent out would help and benefit the recipients. Kim had a heart for people. This was evident in her caring approach to others and her love of giving. She would often make items out of unusual types of material and then give them to her co-workers, family and friends. It was always interesting to see what Kim was working on next.

Kim also liked to take pictures, especially of cloud formations, rainbows, sunrises and sunsets. And true to her nature she used the photographs in the items she gave away in addition to sharing them with others.

She has left a vacancy in our hearts . . . she will be missed.



kim d.jpg

Avoid Additional Postage in March

Keeping your mailing list up to date, using one of the USPS approved Move Update methods, has always been important. But in March, meeting Move Update requirements will save you from additional postage costs.

Right now, the Post Office verifies current addresses by checking PART of a mailing when their software tells them to check. Starting March 1st, the USPS will begin checking every piece of every mailing to make sure the address is current. Then they will figure out how many bad addresses you have had in the calendar month. If the number is too high, they will charge you $0.08 for each bad address that is over the limit.

So avoid the additional postage by using at least one of the following USPS-approved Move Update methods:

·         Address Change Service (ACS™)

·         NCOALink®

·         Ancillary Service Endorsements

·         99 Percent Accuracy (First-Class Mail only)

·         Legal Restraint (First-Class Mail only)

Postage increase starting January 21, 2018

Postage rates will go up and average of 1.9% on Sunday, January 21st. As in past rate increases, those mailings flats and parcels will see a larger increase than those mailing letters. The First-class 1 ounce letter stamp will cost $0.50, an increase of a penny. The meter rate for a 1 ounce letter will also goes up a penny to $0.47. If you have questions about this rate increase, please contact us.

Transforming Business Cards

These days, handing out business cards may seem like a waste. How many people actually keep them around for longer than the time you are speaking to them? How can business cards really show someone what your company can do?


So, how can business cards evolve with the ever-changing digital age? Roi Aldaag, founder of QRLead, a marketing platform that presents dynamic digital identity and profiles across platforms. QRLead is a dynamic extension of a “static” business card, presenting a digital identity and profile.


QRLead provides a complete marketing platform — once a business card is scanned, the recipient is able to see the promotions and the marketing plans of that company.


At WAM, we have the capability to create individual QR codes! We can put them on more than business cards too! Imagine sending out a postcard with a QR code and having your potential customers be able to scan that code and be taken directly where they need to go and see what they really want to see. Convenience is a key to marketing in today’s world.


Let us help you reach the customers you want with the ease and convenience they want! Call today (616) 957-6245.

The Perfect Score

To score or not to score? This question faces anyone creating a printed piece that must be folded before mailing, display, or delivery. While in some cases folding without scoring will be sufficient, in others, scoring eliminates any color cracking on the fold and can make all the difference in producing an elegant final result.

The top consideration in whether or not to score a printed piece is the thickness of the paper being used for the project. As a general rule, paper that is 100 lbs. or heavier should be scored before folding. Other instances where scoring the paper is recommended would include:

A steel rule is formed in the desired shape and braced in wood affixed to a metal frame. Paper is then pushed between the steel form and the press.

Postage Stamps

Postage stamps are miniature works of art designed to reflect the American experience and highlight heroes, history, milestones, achievements and natural wonders.

  • The Postal Service printed 19 billion U.S. postage stamps in 2016.
  • Forever stamps can be purchased at the current First-Class Mail postage price — they remain valid for full postage no matter how prices change.
  • Postal History was made in 2015 with the first non-denominational stamps issued at rates other than the First-Class Forever rate. Like Forever stamps, they will always be valid.
  • In 2016, Guinness World Records presented the Postal Service with a record holder certificate: “The farthest distanced travelled by a postage stamp is 5,250,843,896 km (3, 262,723,132 ml).” A postage stamp was inside the New Horizons Spacecraft which was launched from Cape Canaveral, FL, on January 19, 2006 and arrived on Pluto on July 14, 2015.
  • In May 2016, the first Postal Service Stamp app was introduced — the only official U.S. stamp collecting app — which includes a reference library along with user-generated content for philatelists to upload and manage stamp their collections.
  • In May 2016, for the first time, the 42nd edition of the Guide to U.S. Stamps was offered in a digital format.