Avoid Additional Postage in March

Keeping your mailing list up to date, using one of the USPS approved Move Update methods, has always been important. But in March, meeting Move Update requirements will save you from additional postage costs.

Right now, the Post Office verifies current addresses by checking PART of a mailing when their software tells them to check. Starting March 1st, the USPS will begin checking every piece of every mailing to make sure the address is current. Then they will figure out how many bad addresses you have had in the calendar month. If the number is too high, they will charge you $0.08 for each bad address that is over the limit.

So avoid the additional postage by using at least one of the following USPS-approved Move Update methods:

·         Address Change Service (ACS™)

·         NCOALink®

·         Ancillary Service Endorsements

·         99 Percent Accuracy (First-Class Mail only)

·         Legal Restraint (First-Class Mail only)