Transforming Business Cards

These days, handing out business cards may seem like a waste. How many people actually keep them around for longer than the time you are speaking to them? How can business cards really show someone what your company can do?


So, how can business cards evolve with the ever-changing digital age? Roi Aldaag, founder of QRLead, a marketing platform that presents dynamic digital identity and profiles across platforms. QRLead is a dynamic extension of a “static” business card, presenting a digital identity and profile.


QRLead provides a complete marketing platform — once a business card is scanned, the recipient is able to see the promotions and the marketing plans of that company.


At WAM, we have the capability to create individual QR codes! We can put them on more than business cards too! Imagine sending out a postcard with a QR code and having your potential customers be able to scan that code and be taken directly where they need to go and see what they really want to see. Convenience is a key to marketing in today’s world.


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