Postal Service to Launch Mobile Shopping Promotion on July 1

The Postal Service® will launch its 2016 Mobile Shopping promotion on July 1 and it will run through December 31, 2016. The promotion provides an upfront postage discount to mailers who integrate mobile technology into their direct mail. 

The promotion gives mailers an upfront 2% discount on Standard Mail® letters, flats, and cards (presort and automation) that:

  • Include a mobile barcode or print/mobile technology that can be scanned or read by a mobile device
  • Take the recipient to a mobile-optimized website
  • Include directional copy (such as “Scan this code with your smartphone for more information”) near the barcode or image
  • Take the recipient to a webpage that allows the recipient to make a purchase on the mobile device.

Examples of eligible mobile technology are:

  • QR Codes
  • Data Matrix
  • Snap Tags
  • EZ Code
  • Microsoft Tag
  • Digital watermarks

Augmented reality technology is eligible providing all program requirements are met and the entire experience, which includes checkout, is mobile optimized. Other technologies are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

This year’s promotion features a new social media component that allows consumers to connect with “Buy Now” features on social media platforms.

To get the discount, mailers must register for the promotion on the Business Customer Gateway (BCG) via the Incentive Program Service ( and agree to the promotion terms at least two hours before presenting the first qualifying mailing. Registration began on May 15 and closes on December 31, 2016.  Click here for information about eligibility and requirements.